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Best Reasons To Get A Dash Cam for Your Car in 2020

With all of the options for Dashboard Cameras in 2020, there’s no reason to not get one, and every reason to make sure you have one.  It’s often a consideration many people don’t make until after they needed one — meaning after an accident has already occurred, and they’re trying to explain to an insurance adjuster what happened.  Here are a few top benefits of getting a dash cam:

Insurance Claims

As mentioned earlier, it’s a lot easier to explain to your insurance company what happened when you have visual proof.  This can include photos of the damage, video of the scene, etc…. But nothing comes close to being able to provide a recording of the accident as it occurred.  You may find yourself having to fight and prove your case against the word of the other driver, who may or may not be trying to escape blame (or even pinning fault on you).  Having video evidence will ensure they can’t get away with anything, and prove your case. 

Witness Testimony

Perhaps it’s not you that got into an accident, but you were around when one happened.  If the victim of the accident does not have a dash cam, but you caught the incident on yours, you can be a witness to the accident and provide your footage for the other person to deliver to the police and their insurance company.  You might just have saved that person from a massive financial and legal headache.  

Hit and Run

Wether it’s happened to you or to someone else, there’s every possibility that the person at fault for the accident decides to flee the scene.  If they manage to get away before anyone can follow them or get their license plate number, having a recording of what happened can be used in identifying the vehicle, and allows the police to catch up with them and place an arrest.  

Other Drivers’ Behavior

A side effect of having a dash cam is the change you may notice in the behavior of other motorists when they realize their actions may be being recorded.  Suddenly that road rage they were going to deal out doesn’t seem so alluring, knowing that what they’re about to do can be used against them.  

Dash Cams for Every Budget

The popularity of dash cams has been steadily on the rise, and with it the amount of options have increased.  There’s likely to be a decent camera for whatever amount of money you’re willing to spend on it.  Obviously, more high-end cameras are likely to have higher resolutions, be more reliable, and come with special features such as wireless upload and wifi connections for your smartphone, so you’re able to see the footage right in your hands.  But even the lower priced ones will still provide you the security of knowing that you have proof in case anything bad happens.  

With the amount of benefits to having one, and the wide array of options available, there’s no reason to go without a dash cam.  Don’t wait until you need it to decide to invest in one.